Troy A. Klein
Certified Mortgage Planner

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Troy learned early in life that you had to go after your goals with determination or you got left behind. Throughout his life, Troy has carried this philosophy with him and it has brought him great success, both personally and professionally. From earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance with sheer dedication and focus and footing the bill himself to raising a family and abiding by a strict code of ethics to helping his clients achieve financial freedom, Troy is a competitive go getter who is motivated to be his best every day.

Such determination is a defining factor in everything Troy does. Whether its being a good role model for his children and teaching them the valuable lessons he learned from his parents to participating in his church’s men’s groups, he believes that if you put all your effort into something worthwhile, what you get out of it means so much more. Being a devoted father has brought him more joy than he has ever anticipated, and a he’ll tell you it’s an experience he’d never trade.

Perhaps that’s why so many people in the metro area have come to depend on Troy for all their mortgage financing needs. After all, who better to help you obtain home financing than someone who understands that dedicating oneself to a goal is a key factor in achieving it? With Troy as your mortgage consultant, you know your needs are in the hands of a knowledgeable and determined professional who knows exactly what it takes to get the job done right – and then makes things happen!

Not only does Troy listen carefully to analyze your unique situation and present you with all your options, he only recommends the right programs to best suit your needs. He enjoys educating his clients about all aspects of real estate finance, taking them step by step through the process, and recommending the very same choices he’d make for himself and his family. After all, he knows what’s at stake – your family’s security.

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